Tuesday, May 7, 2019

10 Ways To Kill Automation Testing On Your Project

1.       Make sure everyone on the team has a different opinion on what the objective of test automation is

2.       Start immediately by writing automation scripts before worrying about planning an overall automation strategy, which is just a waste of time anyway.

3.       Let developers write automation tests whenever they have some spare time

4.       Automate all test cases for 100% coverage

5.       Make sure all tests are automated from the UI

6.       Keep environment and configuration variables in the tests themselves

7.       After the first test run, there’s no need to monitor the test results anymore.  The first time is good enough.

8.       Keep tolerance values for validation at 100%

9.       Write your automation scenarios sequentially, so that the start point for a test is dependent on the result of the preceding test.

10.   Expect a quick ROI because everyone on the team is a professional


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